A personalised career route

We make it a point of honour to give our employees big goals so that each of them can build a fulfilling and original career path.

In addition to training and certification, the wide variety of expertise within Lineup 7 also offers the opportunity to discover other professions and consider new career prospects. Moving from Data to Marketing Consulting, from Tech Project Management to UX: we want to make that possible.

Valuing Talent

70% of our Managers come from
internal promotion.

Become a Manager or Expert: no career path is more prestigious than another at Lineup 7. It’s excellence that counts.

The right to error as a basic tenet, as well as commitment. The important thing is to keep moving forward, even if you stumble on the way. We value initiative as much as we value results.

for better progress

Innovation is driven by each employee, according to his or her talent. It is a state of mind that everyone has to live, to make it a business driver and not just an agency manifesto.

Rethinking working methods, designing new tools, revolutionising the market: every employee (even trainees) is involved in a concrete project, within a dedicated hybrid team.