Bioderma (NAOS Group) has historically been one of the leaders in dermatological cosmetics:

– sold in 33,000 drugstores in France
– more than 3 million French users declared
– a database of one million contacts

But it is also an intermediated business that has no distribution channel (physical or digital) of its own and therefore does not have control over the data relating to the consumption behaviour of its customers. And the loyalty program is not enough to make up for it.

It is difficult, in this context, to define a customer value or personalize the customer life cycle in order to promote engagement with contacts.


Adopt a customer centric and data driven approach without transactional data, i.e. :

– use a metric other than a transactional one to measure the value of the base / the value of a contact
– make the most of the available data and give it meaning with a view to a new relational strategy

Think about the experiences to be given to prospects and Bioderma “Clubbies” to encourage their commitment (and data collection).

Our involvement

Redefining customer value using engagement, a new unit of measurement for CRM and the creation of operational segmentation.

Redesign of the Data Tech ecosystem (Marketing Automation, datalake, personalisation of the site).

Redesign of the relational platform and editorial strategy based on customer insights: relational promise, editorial line, digital content strategy.

Targeted / personalised multi-channel campaign plan and systems for collecting and qualifying contacts.

Creation of tools to monitor performance and manage the generosity of the program.


responsiveness points to the animation plan

operational segments
Disengagement rate cut in half