What is it?

A Consumer Insight & Activation platform that reconciles all available data sources, online and offline, providing a 360-degree view of your consumers, the ability to analyse their customer journeys and predict their behaviour, and the ability to target these audiences via activation channels using a ‘test & learn’ approach.

Our platform is based around 3 axes

Centralisation, standardisation, reconciliation and enrichment of all data to build an actionable data asset.
Give meaning to your data and enrich your customer knowledge by integrating digital behaviours to build a true 360 marketing strategy. Customer/prospect profiling, segmentation and predictive models to predict and optimise marketing campaigns: this is the heart of the platform.
Transform insights into action: test event use cases, re-target your audiences on all activation channels, always using a ‘test and learn’ approach.
360 degree view of your customers to inform marketing analysis and campaign performance
Custom-made segmentation and scoring to make best use of the full value of your data
Attractive price vs the technology players in the market to make customer knowledge accessible to all

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