What is it?

A media-online and enrichment device that targets your inactive prospects & customers on the usual channels (email, sms, etc.) thanks to the recognition of their cookies.

A tool for recruiting quality leads by performing a look-a-like on your high potential customers.

A multi-objective system that helps you reactivating, qualifying & recruiting new high value prospects:
– Reactivate by targeting your base contacts through other channels (display, native ads, social, …)
– Identify the profiles you want to qualify and enrich your targeting with the navigation data of our partners
– Recruit new high value prospects by tracing the behaviors and profiles of your best customers

More precise & cheaper than usual media devices, for increased performance & ROI.
A multi-channel approach to your CRM by taking into account all the behavior of your prospects & customers.
A flexible system according to your goals: Lead Generation, data qualification, conversion ... adCRM is adapted!

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