What is it?

A complete evaluation of the 4 components of personalised Relationship Marketing: Tech, Data, Marketing and Process / Organisation.
A tool for diagnosing the level of maturity of your company and the optimisation projects to be implemented in the short and medium term.

A diagnosis with 3 levels to make it a real operational decision-making tool:
– The cross-disciplinary vision of the level of maturity of Relationship Marketing
– Comparison with the competition and the key issues in the sector
-An adhoc roadmap of the priority areas to work on, from Quick-Wins to the more strategic goals.

Diag CRM
Faster, cheaper, more directly operational than a traditional audit from a consulting firm without sacrificing any expertise.
A cross-disciplinary approach (cutting across organisational divides) to your data marketing ecosystem in order to make the right decisions for the future.
Tailored deliverables, simple to read and to implement, that create value for both decision-makers and operational staff.

They have carried out
their Diag CRM