The main challenges
faced by our customers…

  • What technological levers can be used to strengthen customer relationship management?
  • Imagining new division of labour between digital and human
  • How to escape from the straitjacket of a purely insurance or banking relationship?
  • How can we better anticipate needs and identify key lifestages?

…and exemples of LineUp7 solutions

  • Rethink customer and prospect event plans based on behaviour captured in real time (digital data, CRM data, and 3rd party enrichment) and not on traditional probabilistic logic (scores, etc.).
  • Redefine the marketing process by putting the “agent” back at the heart of his or her primary task of “advising” and by automating all tasks with lower added value (automated appointments, automatic reminders, …).
  • Recommendation of AI campaigns to create an “augmented and personalised” relationship (affinity relationship between advisor and client, chat bot,…).
  • Designing operational pilots to validate the relevance of “customer centric” journeys = moving from an omnichannel schema to a “no channel” one

The MMA example

Improve the customer experience and capture moments of life.

Our clients

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