The ambition to
do things differently

Founded in 2016 by former executives from the tech industries and digital agencies, Lineup7 has grown rapidly and now has more than 100 employees from Data, Tech, Digital and Consulting. More than just a hybrid agency, it is a model of Convergence at all levels.

Our ambition from the creation of the agency:
Reinvent the rules of the game of relationship marketing through best use of Data and the implementation of new tech ecosystems. And we’ve delivered on that ambition!

With innovation as a priority
(in the service of performance)

Today most companies do not have a vision problem (whether we are talking about “data driven” or “consumer centric”, that is what everyone is aiming at), but a problem of operational implementation of that vision.

Our mission is to bring it to life (to have it jump out of the slidepacks…) by removing obstacles, and to be the facilitator for your (large or small) datamarketing projects. This is Lineup7’s sense of innovation. 

And because great things don’t happen on their own, we can rely on our ecosystem of partners to offer you the most efficient solutions perfect for your needs.
Personalization is a challenge we aim at too!

From complexity to simplicity:
how we keep that promise


It has to really work! If not, we think of something else. So we measure it and we monitor it to know if we need to readjust and when we need to readjust.


Overcome constraints by making them challenges and not sticking points, always make sure that what is envisaged is “real life compliant”. It also means knowing how to capitalise on what exists already (vs. constantly reinventing).


Creativity in support of efficiency and realism, team agility as a means to adapt to customers / challenges.

We designed an agency model that could respond exactly to the needs that our customers have today. Since then, the entire evolution of LineUP7 has been driven by the same goal: to provide the best solution, the one that will allow our customers to catch up in the customer experience stakes. Or the one that will give them a head start.


Across 6 areas of expertise

active customers

Large corporate groups, SMEs/Intermediate sized companies, NGOs, start-ups, etc.

managing partners

Coming from all disciplines,
always close to the grassroots of their business

Making sense
(as best as we can):
our CSR activities

Hackathons for charity: another way of using Convergence to support important causes, by joining our expertise with that of our partners to imagine (tech) solutions that contribute to changing things.

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The Simplon partnership: welcoming Simplon trainees into our teams to give an inclusive and committed vision of our businesses, and giving our employees the opportunity to pass on their experience. Innovation needs everyone’s talents!

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On a daily basis, we take an eco-responsible approach (recycling, organic products, etc.) and raise awareness of the impact of our activities. Work in progress…