An Insurance player important both for the market (ranked 15th by turnover) as well as for its 5 million “member” policyholders 98% of whom are prepared to recommend MACIF.

A strong commitment (real and potential) from the members on which MACIF would like to rely more as a real growth lever. But to achieve this, learning how to capitalise on customer knowledge or even build an actionable body of data as an asset is required.

A marketing department that needs to be supported in this project of global transformation of practices, which puts Data and the Corporate Vision at the center.


Implement a 360 Customer vision and ensure its adoption by the Marketing and CRM teams.

Identify the customer data activation use cases relevant to the business and the brand-company relationship.

Accustom business teams to a cross-disciplinary data-driven approach to strategic decision-making.

Our involvement

Construction of a cross-disciplinary database in order to create a cross-departmental customer vision and shared customer knowledge.

Development of KPIs and creation of dashboards for the business teams to steer the customer strategy.

Construction of the “Data Roadmap” to define the milestones for the enrichment and exploitation of customer information.

Analysis of the multichannel contact plan and purchasing paths to determine areas for optimization and identify new levers for action.

Modelling statistical scores to optimise the performance of customer journeys: lead transformation potential score (acquisition), multi-equipment appeal score (cross-sell).


transformation rate scored prospects


Conversion rate multiplied by 5 for cross-sell