An Insurance market leader in the midst of a digital transformation of its marketing practices, which needs to move from a “product” to a “customer” vision by exploiting the full potential of Data.

Growth opportunities for new targets that it needs to be able to address faster and better than others, especially the new players challenging the Insurance market.

But nothing can be done without buy-in from the network of agents…All the links in the chain have to adopt new practices to grow revenue from the portfolio of members and win new ones.


Think about relationship marketing based on “customer time” to enrich activities for members with new and more engaging scenarios.

Improve the qualification and management of digital leads to ensure a better conversion rate: automate everything that can be automated to free up business time for agents.

Get the network of agents on board and ensure behavioural change.

Do all this in less than 6 months.

Our involvement

Redesign of the multi-channel contact and “insight-based” plan: scenarios targetted by welcome, win-back, cross sell, etc. based on digital behaviour and customer profile.

Optimisation of membership and quote request processes.

Enrichment of customer data around “life moments” via a Data provider partner (Weborama)

Design of the missing “tools” for process optimisation: platform for direct appointment making by customers, lead transformation potential score, optimised qualification forms.

Creation of the Test and Performance Optimisation Plan.

Creation of relationship marketing management dashboards designed respectively for operational and management teams.


appointments generated thanks to the platform

of leads handled
perzonalised relationship communications