The main challenges
faced by our customers…

  • How to enrich the brand experience and customer knowledge using a new digital ecosystem?
  • How can I improve my knowledge of customers and prospects in an intermediated business context?
  • How can I boost the engagement of my acquired contacts using content customisation?
  • How can I make my e-shop more than just a showcase site, a strategic asset for business and customer relations?

…and exemples of LineUp7 solutions

  • A data tool to customise the plan/content of an event in the same way as the business model of a relationship program: relationship segmentation with (omnichannel) engagement as the unit of customer value
  • Creation of a data tech ecosystem to reconcile digital data + CRM data and activate enriched data across all channels.
  • Redefining a more engaging relationship platform, from proposition to insight-based content and digital services.

The answer with data

The human point should not be overlooked because it is very significant.

Our clients

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