The main challenges
faced by our customers…

  • How to streamline the Experience and the online/offline journeys to ensure compatibility between e-shop and physical point of sale?
  • How can a consumer-centric strategy be implemented at all levels, both when defining action plans and in employee culture and practices?
  • How can customer data collection be improved and the data better used throughout the customer journey and lifecycle to ensure maximum personalisation for each interaction?
  • How can we easily understand and make best use of AI, which promises profound transformation of the models?

…and exemples of LineUp7 solutions

  • Complete Tech marketing platform that reconciles digital data + CRM and omnichannel activation (Media, as well as Distributed Marketing, CRO, etc).
  • Carrying out an AI diagnosis to identify the priority operational projects to build a global learning curve.
  • Redefining organizations and processes with the benefit of new Digital-enriched CRM.
  • Construction of a “prospect transformation” score in order to reinforce action plans targetting higher value prospects.

Our clients

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